I am an Illustrator

Instead of doing dishes, two quick pieces, with more to come soon.

This would be my successful-as-an-illustration-in-itself-but -not-necessarily-for-this-assignment piece of the week, in ink and watercolor, as most things are these days.

This was for Editorial Illustration.

And this was for Style and Substance.

This is a book cover for "Juggling for the Complete Klutz." I love Klutz Press and I am one of the least coordinated people I know. This was fun once I got a composition nailed down. The shadows need to be revisited, but I think it's a nice start, since it was the first piece I did this semester (after a summer of Illustrator and InDesign...by the way, the work from the summer will be posted soon. I swear.)

Like I said, more to come in the very near future. It seems like every project from this semester is 89% done, but this week should see a lot of things finished.

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