Coming Soon

Between working on parts of the mad illustration project (MIP for short) I've been doing some small projects, including creating a placeholder page for a little business venture. I did the logo for them a few months ago.

Anyway, the logo started with this:

And ended with...well, you'll see.


Where have you been all month?

I am currently embroiled in a gloriously, terribly huge freelance project, which has shot my already bad blogging habits to hell. Hopefully I'll be able to post what I did when I'm done, but at the very least, I'll make sure it's public knowledge that I'm finished with the project. In the meantime, here's a hint.

I do have two little things to show off. First, a fellow graduate, the indomitable Margaret Middleton, ordered a print of my Kittens in Mittens painting and was nice enough to send me some pictures of it framed in her sewing room. Ta da:

And secondly, I went home last week to celebrate my Dad's and my aunt's birthdays. I'm frantically knitting something (um, still) for my aunt, but I got to make this card for my dad.

I cannot express how nice it was to put aside the work on this freelance project and paint adorable animals for an hour. I even enjoyed painting on coldpress, although I still haven't figured out how to scan it in a capable way.

The card said "It's your birthday!" on the outside and "Eat whatever you want." on the inside. (My parents thought it was funny...)