A Measure of Consistency

If you happened to talk to me during the last two weeks of March, I didn't hesitate to tell you exactly what I was working on. An application for...well, I'd rather not jinx it. Rest assured, I cranked out some work, and everything is safe at it's destination, and I'm not going to think about it for a couple of months.

A large chunk of the work I produced were these three pieces, showing a character in a variety of settings and perspectives and palettes and emotional states. There are a lot of publishers tho request this kind of thing, and I'm happy that I have a set ready to go.

In my sleep-deprived, work-addled state last month (which is much better now, thank you) I feel like I figured out some important things about my work. I still like complex, even crowded compositions (is it obvious?) but I also like complex (crowded) emotions. My boy here isn't happy, sad, and mad, he's impatient and bored, lost and small and uneasy, relieved and embarrassed and excited.

Deep thoughts! On a shallower note, my goal for the week is to give my website a facelift. It's been almost 3 years of blue (and lightbox) and I'm going for something cleaner. Not sterile, mind you. Just cleaner.