Change of Plans

Due to domain troubles that are clearly way over my head, the shiney new website is back to the following monster of an address:


I'm going to try to remedy this (by buying some real, live server space rather than messing around with redirecting) this week.


I am a graceful ballerina

Much belated, of course, but here is the color version of the portait from a while ago. This is watercolor with a limited pallette (pthalo blue, alyzarin crimson, lemon yellow, and white) on a burnt umber ground. Please ignore the razor sharp edges.

This is my artistic anatomy homework from last week, in which I made up some muscles.

And here's the finished piece.

Random sketchbook work coming soon.


Rock Hard Times

My classes progress at a good clip, but until I get to a scanner, I don't have much to show. I did color charts all week, though. So that was good.

A certain interview (more later, one hopes) propted me to throw two knitting projects onto my website, which has moved to the far more memorable www.narrigan.com and has been completly revamped! This is the final product of slaving away at web design, finally.

The unbearably chipper tone of this post is brought to you by white chocolate and raspberry ice cream and the prospect of reading about the Northern Renaissance for a few hours.