My Sketchy Life

One of the biggest projects I'm working on right now is sketches for a series of poems about Jewish holidays. These sketches were my first draft for the poem about Chanukah, where a young boy searches for the brightest light in the world. We wound up changing the pacing of the story and its setting, and I'm happy with the result, but I was initally pretty pleased with these drawings.

Since these won't be used in the final manuscript,I feel comfortable posting there here. Enjoy!


Return of the Rabbit Socks

I finally finished my first pair of knitted socks recently. I love them; they're comfy, warm, and, if I do say so myself, terribly cute.

If you happen to be a knitter, you can download the color chart I used and put my bunny motif on whatever you like. The teal dots mark where I made increases when making my knee socks.


It's A Gift

This weekend I managed to avoid going out into the sunshine and taking pictures of knitwear (again) but there will be a lot to show on that front sometime soon.

In the meantime, I made this as a very late XMas present for Josh's parents. They like Southwest Native American Art, and I like anteaters.

This is in Pelican Opaque watercolor. I like this paint a lot, but its really lovely blues tend to influence my color choices.

I found out a little while ago that I'll be in the RISD Spring Alumni Sale on May 2nd! If you're in Providence that Saturday, stop by and say hello in real life. I'm going to be selling prints, originals, cards, and possibly fabric and other goodies. I'll be sharing a table with the truly charming Kate Walsh, and I'm very excited.


Sketch to Finish

I'm finding that the hardest part about being an illustrator--aside from the constant quest for new work, which I think I'm getting used to--is the balance between creating a piece that meets the needs of the client and that you can be proud of.

My first paying illustration gig met the needs of the client decently, but I was really in love with my earlier sketches. They're more dynamic, more fun, and, frankly, a little badass. Having to part with my best friend, line, to do the finished piece made it even more of a challenge.

Luckily, a modern-day patron of the arts found me through Etsy and my blog. She loved the sketches too, and commissioned an ink drawing.

Does it show that I had a ridiculously fun time doing this? By default I draw things from above, and it was a nice challenge (that involved some really unflattering reference photos) to draw from below.

I've got quite a little backlog of work to show at the moment, so check back here soon.