Sketch to Finish

I'm finding that the hardest part about being an illustrator--aside from the constant quest for new work, which I think I'm getting used to--is the balance between creating a piece that meets the needs of the client and that you can be proud of.

My first paying illustration gig met the needs of the client decently, but I was really in love with my earlier sketches. They're more dynamic, more fun, and, frankly, a little badass. Having to part with my best friend, line, to do the finished piece made it even more of a challenge.

Luckily, a modern-day patron of the arts found me through Etsy and my blog. She loved the sketches too, and commissioned an ink drawing.

Does it show that I had a ridiculously fun time doing this? By default I draw things from above, and it was a nice challenge (that involved some really unflattering reference photos) to draw from below.

I've got quite a little backlog of work to show at the moment, so check back here soon.

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