A Weekly Occurence

I just finished the second week of my studios. Colorworks is going surprisingly well, with my particularly mournful homework below.

This week's assignment is to do the piece again with a limited palette, which will give me a chance to work on the shoulders and hair.

My comic book class hasn't really taken off yet (so far I have three pages of how to make eggs in a basket) but the homework includes a lot of sketchbook work. I used this excuse to work up a swatch in the yarn I bought last weekend.


A short intermission

Over spring break I finished absolutly nothing, but since Spring Semester started today, I have at least a little work to show. I am also in the middle of a peculiar beginning-of-the-semester phenomenon, where I have the resolve to work but little or no homework, so hopefully I will be able to show more shorly.

This is the first thing we did in Color Works: apples in charcoal and chalk and in black and white watercolor. Today I realized that I have been using gouache so long and so comofortably that it has obliterated any skill I had with watercolor. When I got home, I tried again, with slightly better results.

Then I got distracted and painted some kiwi, which reminded me why I love gouache so very, very much.

At the moment, I want very much to learn to upholster foam, just so that I can make a firm but squishy giant kiwi. If I made is strong enough, it could hold my scarf or something.


A sudden draft

I have yet to finish anything major, but various projects are edging towards completion.

Also, this, which happened in my Print and Interactive Production class.

I have, at least, become more comfortable with Flash. I'd like to explore animating with it, but spring semester looks like it's going to be pretty busy.

I realized today that I'm really only taking a more refined version of my sophomore required studios, that is, drawing, painting, and illustration. I'm taking Artistic Anatomy (with my old drawing teacher, no less), Color Works, and another comics class, although this one sounds like it's going to be very different.

I need to block my legwarmers, which are already looking stretched out and sad. They're still cozy, at least.


One Thousand Projects

This afternoon I had my final crit for web design. Once I've debugged this thing for Internet Explorer (and take some time to shake my fist at the sky) it will officially replace my current site.

During the crit I drew this, hopefully an example of Bill Waterson's axiom, that sometimes the artwork makes up for the writing.

Click for a larger view.

I've also been working on my mysterious never-finished final for New Yorker and pop-up promotional material. Pictures as things reach completion.


Art and Medication

It's already been a long, weird week (among other things, I have a cold and jury duty on the horizon) but rather than spiraling into a pit of negativity, I drew this to cheer myself up.

It's okay because:

  1. I did it in about 20 minutes.

  2. I used my Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

  3. The thought of a tiny Apatosaurus is genuinely cheering.


Dispatch from New York

In celebration of having no homework for one of my studios, I've been drawing with my graphics tablet with a vengeance. This was brought on mostly by the realization that I have very little digital work. I'm so contrary, though, that I'm beginning to miss gauche.

So! A pomegranate:

And a more graphic artichoke:

And resultant patterns for apparel:

I knitted on teh bus to New York for about three hours, so I'm almost finished with the leg warmers, and then I have to finish a sweater, and then I'm going to start messing around with this pomegranate pattern.

The internship search continues, and is going considerably better than last year.


I reluctantly realized that if I am applying for an internship in a graphic design firm and I have a secret affinity for InDesign and I go to a school with "Design" in the name, I may--unknowingly, mind you--be doing some design work. This means a minor overhaul of the site I've been working on for web design when I was hoping to have time to work on some other stuff instead, but hopefully I'll have things squared away by the weekend.

My other studio--Print and Interactive Design--has no homework this week. It's so strange I feel like I've been tricked. I have the sneaking suspicion that the final will not be a gorgeous open-ended Flash project, but rather another tutorial. This class has been useful, but it really makes me aware that I want to learn and work hard with every class I take.

After this wintersession, I can only take 13 more studios, maximum.