A short intermission

Over spring break I finished absolutly nothing, but since Spring Semester started today, I have at least a little work to show. I am also in the middle of a peculiar beginning-of-the-semester phenomenon, where I have the resolve to work but little or no homework, so hopefully I will be able to show more shorly.

This is the first thing we did in Color Works: apples in charcoal and chalk and in black and white watercolor. Today I realized that I have been using gouache so long and so comofortably that it has obliterated any skill I had with watercolor. When I got home, I tried again, with slightly better results.

Then I got distracted and painted some kiwi, which reminded me why I love gouache so very, very much.

At the moment, I want very much to learn to upholster foam, just so that I can make a firm but squishy giant kiwi. If I made is strong enough, it could hold my scarf or something.

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