All In A Day's Work

After a Friday and Saturday of getting less done than I'd meant to, I spent all day working on a couple of my finals, leaving my room only for a delicious sandwich and to email this to my teacher.

This is a color/composition study for my Artistic Anatomy final. The long explanation has to do with the physical limitations an artist runs into and what I expect from my body, and how I am inevitably let down. The short explanation is that I get to paint myself as a robot.

Considering that this was relatively off-the-cuff, I'm pretty happy with it, although it needs more red, and there are a variety of problems with my right arm.

I spent the rest of the day working on my Colorworks final, that three-part narrative. I'm about ninety percent done with the second piece, but the first one is stranded in Ugly Painting Land and I just obliterated the pencil drawing for the third by mistake. Depending on the crit, I'll put up pictures within the next few days.