And we're back?

I've had a long sabbatical from the blog, but for a pretty good reason. My faithful Powerbook has been failing slowly and agonizingly over the last two months. Despite a friend's herculean repair efforts, I had to mooch off of Josh's computer while I prepared to replace the my laptop.

And replace it I did, with a 21.5" iMac. It's huge, it's shiny, and it's FAST. And I've used it to watch almost all of Season 2 of Parks and Recreation since it arrived. (Video was one of the capabilities ol' Powerbook had given up long ago.)

But I HAVE been making art! In preparation for the Fall RISD Alumni Sale, I made a few original paintings, and almost all of them sold. I'll definitely be cranking out some more for December 4th and 5th, when I'll be at the Holiday Alumni Sale and the Brunch & Buy, respectively.

So, finally, some watercolor work!

The Sweatery Sheep (sold!)

Crouching Tiger (sold!)

Kangaroo Rat I (still available!)

Kangaroo Rat II (still available!) (Oooh he's so cute I can barely stand it.)

Carousel Horse (sold! To a little girl who loves carousels!)

Llama in Alpaca (still available!)

Scarlet Ibis (sold!)

Airborne Peccary (sold! Along with the Ibis, this was the first thing I sold at the sale.)

It was a lot of fun to work with watercolors again and draw some slightly obscure animals. Up next: my editorial work from recent months.