Me and Totoro

The other day I realized it had been a while since I had painted anything. I took a few hours and did this.

If you haven't seen My Neighbor Totoro, I would set aside the time to do so immediately. Also, I am truly terrible at chess.

On a related note, I made this last summer:

I'm hoping to find some cheap bulky yarn and make a larger one someday soon.


Surface Design

I was lucky enough to find Planet Home, a textile and decor company that's just starting up, on RISD's Artworks site about six months ago. Before meeting with them for an interview, they mentioned that damasks were very popular this year.

It turns out designing damasks is incredibly fun. I brought these to the interview:

They commissioned the bottom design (the first one is hand drawn and inked, the second was created in illustrator) with a few color changes, and last week I got to see what had become of my design.

These are lovely, plushy bath towels! Planet Home is presenting them to a buyer, which means that my designs may be coming to a store near you!

Textile design is a nice change from illustration, and I'm looking forward to doing more soon.