The Slowly Moving Progress Bar

Although I have spent six and a half of the last nine hours in front of a computer, I cannot get enough. Beyond a bit of adventuring with InDesign (I did a small tutprial-type project, but I reallly like the program) and applying for summer internships, I battled my way through the prickly field of javascript.

Everything I've done so far can be found here.

There are a few niggling typos (spaces and brakets and the lot) and it has no actual content, but I'm feeling pretty good about the whole enterprise. I felt pretty badass--although also very self-aware--typing away in a bustling coffee shop this morning.

Also: the knitting continues, ever so slowly.


Getting into the swing of things

As penance for being neglectful--even if no one's reading this, I should be making and drawing, consarnit--I bring (a) knitting, (b) giddiness, and (c) promises.


This is a binkini from a pattern in Stich 'n Bitch I made last wintersession, featuring a modified design by R. Stevens of Deisel Sweeties fame. The yarn has lycra, so it's soft and stretchy, but I haven't really had occasion to wear it. That said, it's one of the most fun things I've ever knit.


This weekend, I finally got to the Natural History Museum in New York, rekindling a dormant love for the noble apatosaurous. If I have time, I may start making skeletons in Sculpey.

This week I bought a new sketchbook. Even though I try not to put the importance of supplies over skill and effort, I feel a little more impetus to draw outside of class in my classy, near-watercolor-paper sketchbook. I've also started a new knitting project. Beyond the red sweater I've been fretting over since Christmas, I needed something a little faster and more exciting. I've started a pair of black cabled leg warmers (yes, yes, I'm a hipster, a little) which should be done by the end of this week.

More coming shortly, and this time I mean it.


A prime example of sweetness

I spent all weekend on an internet-less family visit, but I have been working, mostly on concepts for web design. Once I settle on something (it's between a cupcake theme and a squid theme) I'll code like a maniac and that will become my new portfolio site. I'm excited to get really literate with CSS.

But! Concepts mean concept art, and so I bring you symbolic cupcakes:

From right to left (and top to bottom) these are cupcakes of illustration, comics, sketches, and dimensional work.

Wintersession has been leisurely, and I even have time to finish a piece from last semester. I'll also be diving into InDesign and Flash shortly. Excitement!


This started as a thank-you card

I may still use this as a tear-sheet-type post card, although it's pretty different from a lot of my other work. I'd like to connect the way I paint with gauche and the way I use Photoshop.

Speaking of post cards and analyzing my work, I have officiallly begun the hunt for a summer internship, in either Boston or New York. (My loyalty lies with Boston, but New York would, believe it or not, be easier.) I am going to be positive, organized, and successful. Wish me luck!

(Finally, something I am still upset about from last year: Marvel Comics only has unpaid internships.)


Promises, promises

I'm going to start with something that will hopefully be a regular occurence: a sketch!

(And posted with an image tag, no less!)

This is a self portrait in which (a) I am expirimenting with my new graphics tablet and (b) I call attention to the green bruise on my arm from getting blood drawn. I amaze myself.

Meanwhile, I am also in school, taking Web Design and Print and Interactive Production for Wintersession and learning XHTML, CSS, hopefully some Javascript, and a load of lovely imaging programs, Flash included.

Once these classes move beyond tutorials and into real, meaty projects, I'll start posting my progress here. For the moment, I offer a teaser: I've got a website about cupcakes in the works in Web Design.