Promises, promises

I'm going to start with something that will hopefully be a regular occurence: a sketch!

(And posted with an image tag, no less!)

This is a self portrait in which (a) I am expirimenting with my new graphics tablet and (b) I call attention to the green bruise on my arm from getting blood drawn. I amaze myself.

Meanwhile, I am also in school, taking Web Design and Print and Interactive Production for Wintersession and learning XHTML, CSS, hopefully some Javascript, and a load of lovely imaging programs, Flash included.

Once these classes move beyond tutorials and into real, meaty projects, I'll start posting my progress here. For the moment, I offer a teaser: I've got a website about cupcakes in the works in Web Design.

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Eli Edmundson said...

You've been doing some really good work, good luck with your studies!