A prime example of sweetness

I spent all weekend on an internet-less family visit, but I have been working, mostly on concepts for web design. Once I settle on something (it's between a cupcake theme and a squid theme) I'll code like a maniac and that will become my new portfolio site. I'm excited to get really literate with CSS.

But! Concepts mean concept art, and so I bring you symbolic cupcakes:

From right to left (and top to bottom) these are cupcakes of illustration, comics, sketches, and dimensional work.

Wintersession has been leisurely, and I even have time to finish a piece from last semester. I'll also be diving into InDesign and Flash shortly. Excitement!


dhey-19 said...

hI! can i use your cupcake illustration for our logo? please email me at dhey_19@yahoo.com if it's ok. thanks!

Switch said...


Im loving your cupcake pics! I was wondering if it would be O.K for me to use one of them for a logo for a small home business I want to start on the side of my studies?

Please e-mail me at
shadowfax_11@hotmail.com to let me know if its o.k.