I reluctantly realized that if I am applying for an internship in a graphic design firm and I have a secret affinity for InDesign and I go to a school with "Design" in the name, I may--unknowingly, mind you--be doing some design work. This means a minor overhaul of the site I've been working on for web design when I was hoping to have time to work on some other stuff instead, but hopefully I'll have things squared away by the weekend.

My other studio--Print and Interactive Design--has no homework this week. It's so strange I feel like I've been tricked. I have the sneaking suspicion that the final will not be a gorgeous open-ended Flash project, but rather another tutorial. This class has been useful, but it really makes me aware that I want to learn and work hard with every class I take.

After this wintersession, I can only take 13 more studios, maximum.

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