Featuring Tock, the Watchdog

For my most recent assignment for What's Your Story, a class about narrative illustration, I had to distill a play or novel into three illustrations. I choose "The Phantom Tollbooth." These are all in ink and watercolor (as usual. I'm going to take another crack at acrylics this week).

Milo and Tock meet the Humbug (and the Spelling Bee).

Milo tries to steal a sound from the Soundkeeper.

Milo, Tock, the Humbug, and the Princesses Rhyme and Reason are surrounded by the Demons of Ignorance.

These captions may make the book seem overly serious, but it's really a sweet, clever book about language and learning. Read it if you haven't.


Rachael Rabbit said...

I've just finished reading this book - I LOVE your illustrations - they are fabulous!

That one guy who is obsessed with the Phantom Tollbooth said...

Absolutely incredible, and awesome in every way!!!
Especially the Sound-keeper's expression- She is NOT impressed.