Choose Your Own Adventure

I love inking with a brush, and I love that I've had the opportunity to do it for almost every assignment this semester. I also love that it can be cleaned up in a variety of ways.

This was for Style and Substance. The assignment was to illustrate a particularly annoying noise in black and white (and all the colors in between). Every Sunday morning, the church across the street from me rings its bells at ten thirty. For eight minutes. I know that hating church bells may seem...petty, but the timing and duration and irregularity of the noise is a perfect storm of very, very annoying. For me, at least.

This is Speedball ink with a brush, cleaned up a little in Photoshop. It reminds me a lot of Frank Miller.

And then I tried the whole thing with a 50% gray. Which, I think, feels completely different, and maybe a little noisier.

I know that there's still a little humor (and even cuteness) to this piece, but I like the darker, rougher feel, and I think I'm going to push more in that direction for Editorial Illustration.

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