Things are Getting Done

Time to take advantage of an inexplicable chunk of free time (that is, the fifteen minutes between putting the finishing touches on an assignment and when class starts).

This was for my editorial illustration class, for an article about bloggers. One might argue that the concept got away from me.

I'm still surprised that this is watercolor (and Speedball ink for the linework). The piece represents my triumph over the medium by beating it into submission over three days and about a million layers.

And this is for my narrative illustration class (What's Your Story).

The assignment was to illustrate an historical scene with an extreme horizontal or vertical shape. We also had to put ourselves in the scene. And now the 1-inch-square self portrait is my new icon (and one of my favorite things I've done this semester).

More work is coming. I've found a faster way to post, so maybe that will spur me on a little. I've certainly doing enough work.

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