Adapting to Fall

Today is awesome. It's a "freelance day," a day where I work on client assignments, the administrative things associated with freelancing, and portfolio projects. I usually get a couple of these each week, but this one is special, and not because I worked in my pajamas until 1pm. This is the first November 22nd since moving to Boston where I've gotten to work on my own art the whole day. I have a long way to go before I'll be the illustrator I want to be, but this feels really good.

Here's the first finished comic I've done in, I think, three years. It was time consuming--seven times the drawing of those cute paintings I've been doing for sales--but it's going to have such a good home in my portfolio, and drawing, inking, and coloring this guy was just a lark.

So: "Jessie Makes Jam:"

Edited: I replaced the original version with this one. Josh delivered one of his truly surgical crits: short, to the point, and utterly right. So, I've brought back some black for the line-work. I think it has a better depth and punch now, but feedback is always welcome.

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Ellen Mason said...

Eloise, love your work! Delightful.