B Season

Objective achieved, maybe! I've been busy since the last blog post, preparing for back-to-back holiday sales on December 3rd and December 4th (YIKES). I'll be in Longmeadow, MA for the third annual Brunch & Buy:

This is a super fun, intimate sale. It's in my parent's (cool, mod style) house, and includes some fabulous Western Mass artists who are, I can testify, amazing craftspersons and fab people. Plus there's a ton of food, and champagne. Tell your Western Mass friends! After the sale I'm hopping a bus and going back to Boston for Bazaar Bizarre! Erica Henderson and I are sharing a both! We're buying banners, we're dressing up, and we're preparing to just rock out all day. I've been doing these little paintings (each is 4.75" by 6.75") in batches for the last few weeks. I'm hoping to have another ten before Double Sale Weekend. If you see one and want me to bring it or save it for you, drop me a line.
Construction equipment puns!

This one is called "Mew Blood," unless someone things of a better name...

The phrase "Small Business Owner" is inexplicably enchanting to me when applied to an aardvark.

I think the rest of these are pretty self-explanatory.

Lastly, a series inspired by Harry Potter and an awesome Hufflepuff I met at the RISD alumni sale. (Do you know what Ravenclaw's animal is? Hint: not a raven.) 

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Claire said...

Hey lady, this site contacted me and the whole concept made me think of you: http://storybird.com/

...I'm still sort of eying it and scouting it from afar, but it actually seems like a keen way to reuse existing art assets in an interesting (and effortless) way while still retaining the rights. I feel like there should be a catch somewhere, but I haven't quite found it yet. :)