Pattern Recognition

A couple months ago I picked up Colette & Blue as a new client and have done two collections for them (with more on the way). This is the first time since that fateful licensing class at RISD that I've created unified collections of fabric, and I think the themes (and color restrictions) have been incredibly helpful.

My first collection, for kids, was frog and duck and rainy-day themed. These haven't sold yet (and creating the collection was, at times, a real challenge) but I learned a lot and they make me smile, especially the retro looking off-white one. Plus, coordinates!

And this is a Valentine's collection...for next Valentines, of course. Last I heard, all but two of these have been sold (to big stores! Stores I've heard of! And been in)! I was giddy for whole days after I heard.

This collection went much faster, and I think I'm learning a lot about good work habits for developing repeats. I'm also thinking about them more creatively...for me, at least. The pattern in the top left corner started as real live crayon and ballpoint doodles, and I'm going to be exploring more "real" media in my repeats in the future.

Speaking of fabric, I landed a lovely new day job, at the lovely new yarn and fabric store in my neighborhood. Stop by JP Knit & Stitch; I promise to enable you!

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