I'm finally getting around to posting a piece I did during one of our freezing rain/hail/snowball blizzards. I used sunny colors, and it seems to have worked, because it's 60 degrees outside. But before I go dance around Jamaica Plain Pond and remind myself what sunlight feels like, I'll post this piece.

Especially now that the weather is warming up (12 hours of this and it's like winter never happened!), I wish more than ever that sewing was as portable as knitting. As it is, there's barely room in my studio for a machine or to lay out pattern pieces, let alone on the T or a waiting room.

Thanks to Providence for modeling some background buildings and rugged sidewalks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to reading your awesome blog. I love all your work!! Do you ever sell any of your work? I saw your posters at knit & stitch, I need to pick one up. But I love others too, do you sell more stuff on etsy?!!