A regular thing

This summer, I started illustrating a column in The Bay called Just Add Water! I haven't been to Providence except for the Alumni Sale since then, so I still haven't seen my illustrations in print, but they are online here! (Just Add Water is on page 50 in the latest issue.)

It's a lot of fun to work on editorial assignments, especially because I tend to illustrate things pretty literally. Great for a textbook, but not great for an article about emotions, or green boating practices.

These have been a blast, and Art Director Alli Coate is a pleasure to work with.

June's illustration, about green boating practices.

July's illustration, about a father and daughter sharing a beer on the dock.

August's illustration, about a pickup truck loaded with beach gear all summer.

September's illustration, about the danger of motorboat wakes to sailboats.

October's illustration, about using your boat as a platform to drink and relax.

November's illustration, about magical fairies that come to winterize your boat!

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