A Winter's Night

I'm bundled up in my semi-heated apartment, doing a bit of digital housekeeping after two major craft sales. I've also updated the snot out of my Etsy shop, including writing some rather punchy descriptions. Won't you take a peek?

For the Alumni Sale and Brunch and Buy, I wanted to have more watercolor paintings, so I whipped up eight. Five are from a slowly-emerging alphabet series. The other three seemed right for the season. They're all about 5 by 7 inches in watercolor and ink, and this time I scanned them *after* I'd titled them.

(Sold!) I really dig the color of this acorn. Sometimes it's tough to get away from brown, especially with rodents.

(Sold!) This dachshund started with a ketchup-and-mustard colored sweater, but while painting late at night it began to remind me of (groan) Freddy Krueger. Luckily my lovely tablemate pointed out that those are actually Gryffindor colors, and he became a Harry Potter pup (unofficially, of course).

(Sold!) I love this little guy. I might make a few more (in different sweaters, of course).

The first alphabet piece, somewhat inspired by my previous peccary painting. I'm also really digging green and pink as a color scheme.

(Sold!) I pulled out an elementary school watercolor trick for this one: salt!

Painting her spots was surprisingly fun.

(Sold!) Mmm, pie. How many peccaries can I paint before it becomes, like, a "thing?"

And the final piece, a lovely species of woodpecker. He's on a stamp in Moldova. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to listen to Fresh Air and do a bit of holiday knitting. Season's greetings!

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