New Month, New System

Today I uploaded (what may very well be) the last illustration of the Massive Freelance Project to the company's server. I took today to rest up from the project and clean my studio up, a job I've been ignoring for essentially three months. Here are some before pictures:

And after:

The file folders (the low green cabinet) came from a friend of a friend of a friend; an illustrator who might be moving to Jamaica Plain and is getting rid of some old equipment in the meantime. The cabinet is inhumanly heavy (which is why it is on the floor and not on the table, as in my original plan) but the drawers slide nicely, and I was able to fit all of the work that Josh and I had hung onto from RISD.

Looking through my past work...well...has me feeling pretty proud of myself. Sometimes illustration is a struggle for me, and I'm still finding my voice and my style, but I feel very, very lucky to have learned from teachers and fellow students who took me seriously, and taught me so much, despite my (obvious, gaping) weaknesses.

Coming next week: I'm either going to post work from the Massive Freelance Project or some of the less embarrassing RISD stuff. Cheng & Tsui will decide.

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