Live and In Person

I have been doing a lot of work these last few days/weeks, but I'm not showing any of it today! (Well, kinda. You'll see.)

Instead, you can come see me in person in 3 or 4 short weeks, because I'm doing back-to-back art sales. On December 5th and December 12th, I'll be hawking adorable papergoods at two very different events:

The Brunch & Buy is a tradition that my arty mother and some of her arty friends started many years ago. (The first one I was probably 12 or 13 and I made about $60 selling...journals? It was, at the time, a lot of money and very exciting.) This year, I made the flier.

It's out in Springfield/Longmeadow, but if you're in the area, you should stop by to see the house I grew up in (kinda) and meet my mom and some other amazing artists and also to eat some delicious food and buy some gorgeous work. I will be bringing banana bread, if that makes the decision to go easier.

The RISD holiday art sale is a different bird altogether. I'm sharing a booth with Kate Walsh (of the gorgeous jewelry) and Zoe Brooks (of, we hear, plates, cards, and all manner of classy home goods). Admission is $7 (free if you're under 14 or a current RISD student), but it's at the RI Convention Center at One Sabin Street in Providence, we're right by the entrance, and I know at least one booth will have delicious free candy. (You see how I bribe you with food both times?)

See you there!

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