Live and in Person

This Saturday I will be half of table #59 at the RISD Alumni sale.

I'll be selling the stuff I offer in my Etsy store--prints and greeting cards--and some other goodies will be making a premier: awesome, awesome postcards, some original paintings at bargain prices, and fabric!

I've been preparing for the whole display and packaging and everything, and will post pictures of the set up after the event.

(If you can't make it to Providence, that's okay. I'll be listing the things that don't sell on my Etsy shop when I get home.)

The sale is from 10 to 4 this Saturday, May 2nd, on Benefit Street. I've been doing ceremonial dances to ensure that the weather continues to be as wonderful as it is right now.

Also, I finished a painting: (prints and the original will be, you guessed it, available this Saturday.)

This is based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale called The Elderflower Witch, although I took some liberties, mainly removing a character and changing the appearance of the witch from an older Norwegian. Consider this the beginning of my campaign to quit drawing pale, skinny brunettes (except for actual self portraits, of course) and introduce a little diversity into my work.

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