I Dedicate this to Mr. Taxman

I have new work to show, but first, an extremely compelling answer to the question, "Where have I been for five weeks?"

Where I started:

Where I ended:

This year, I did my taxes by myself, for the first time, start to finish. My Dad gave me a big maroon binder, recommended Turbo Tax, and answered my (occasionally panicked) questions. Today I mailed off five envelopes and a lot of money, and I feel great. The best part is that as a freelancer, I'll pay my taxes quarterly from now on, so the task will never be this insurmountable again. Never mind that I'll have to do this four times as often.

To celebrate my mathematical triumph and in an effort to revive my limping checking account, I've stocked my Etsy store with a fine selection of prints, including two Brand New Pieces. (I'll blog about these later this week, including the exclusive location where I'll be selling the originals, but for now, visit my Etsy store

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