In Memory

A little while ago, my family's '95 Honda Odyssey was totaled. (No worries, everyone else is fine.) I loved this car; I've hauled a lot of boxes in it, and driven back and forth from my parents house in Western Massachusetts to school and friends in Providence more times than I can count, especially this summer. Maybe the air conditioner didn't work, and the brakes were about to go (again), and it was mainly used by my father to haul gasoline and gravel, but this car was "mine" more than any car has been.

I'll miss it.

And under the heading of good news? This weekend I moved to Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The neighborhood is amazing, the apartment is beginning to look like adult humans live in it, and I can finally get some work done in my very own space. (I love my family and living with them since graduation was as good as it possibly could have been...but this is better.) Pictures are coming soon.

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