The Internet is Too Fast for Me

One week ago the winter issue of Twist Collective went live. Twist is an excellent publication. It's a hybrid of website and magazine, with articles for free and (gorgeous) knitting patterns for sale. The site was created to serve designers in particular; Twist promotes the patterns and the designers get paid for every pattern they sell. I can also personally say that the site/publication is run by some of the loveliest ladies in knitting.

Why am I talking about Twist Collective? Besides the fact that it's an all-around awesome publication, I'm in it. I am an official, paid, published illustrator.

After the issue went live, I put the original paintings for sale on Etsy. All but the cover illustration sold almost immediately! I feel incredibly happy: I've sold illustrations for publication and original paintings this week, and some more work has come out of this assignment as well. Today I am a successful illustrator, and I owe it all to the knitting community.

These are the illustrations as finished paintings. Go to Twist Collective to see them in full, published context.

After I pay for food and rent (more on the latter bit later), I'm going to give back to knitting, a little. I'm going to make this.

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