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The last two weeks have been crazy; between my senior show, finals, and helping to hang the show of some close friends during finals, a little bit of work has piled up to show. In any case, here are five (five!) new pieces from the end of the semester. Everything is in watercolor and ink with a little bit of goauche to reclaim whites.

These first three are an attempt to beef up the editorial/spot portion of my portfolio as well as somehow commute my frustrating lack of time to knit into something productive. It didn't really work, but tomorrow I'll be able to get back to it in earnest...after I do a bit of job hunting.

"Knitting What You Need," a semi-self portrait. The hair is definitely spot on.

"Last Minute Finishing." Ha, ha.

"Hardcore Knitting." This is loosely based on my friend Aidan, sort of.

And these are the last two assignments for Cover to Cover. First, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. This image is bordering on being an interior, but it was good practice on something I need, that is, drawing humans of the male persuasion.

This was for From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg and may be my favorite piece from this semester. Remember the Moby Dick piece? This is like a thematically appropriate version of that. Although both were extremely fun to do.

That's all for now. The upcoming days and weeks are going to include a bit of website tweaking (including a higher-res version for all those art directors with shiny, giant monitors) a lot of digital work, official graduation, and socks with rabbits on them. Stay tuned.

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