Stories About Animals

I'm gradually getting into the swing of Spring Semester and liking all four of my studios. I'm taking a watercolor course, a portfolio studio that's essentially an independent study (I'm doing young adult illustrations for that), a class on licensing where I can draw graphic and adorable animals to my heart's content, and a class called Cover to Cover which is all--surprise!--book covers.

I'm really liking Cover to Cover; the range of books we're tackling is really wide, including a couple of comics. Here are the first two:

Moby Dick, in watercolor and gauche.

Animal Farm, digital printed on Reeves BFK with china marker. (If I'd had time, I would have screen printed this, but the piece got a great reaction in crit.)

As always, more to come.


Anonymous said...

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Ali Blackwell said...

Good job on Animal Farm!!! And Josh too... Both of them were sweet effing covers.