It's Christmas Eve Eve!

I'm almost done wrapping presents, sort of. (The paper is papercloth from Ikea. I think there's about an acre of it per roll):

I even made special gift tags from the animal icons I created last year.

And as a special very last minute sort of gift, instead of selling them in my Etsy store, I'm going to make these gift tags a free download. (Although if you download them, leave a comment. This blog has been far too quiet lately!)

Click here to download a PDF of super-cute animal gift tags.


MissRach said...

Wow, thanks! Downloaded! (I saw your post on Ravelry, BTW.)

Betty said...

downloaded too, very very cute. (ravelry)

Shannah said...

I just found your blog through etsy. Love all your illustrations. Darling!

I will be downloading the gift tags for future use, too.


Blogger said...

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