Back and in color

I just returned from a two week trip to California with my mother and sister, and although I have a lot of inspiration and almost ten yards of really gorgeous fabrics and two weeks worth of obsessive knitting, I don't have much in the way of illustration to show.

I realize, though, that I never posted the entirety of my final for Artistic License. Along with the patterns and the picture book, I made toys.

Like previous ones, these are cast plastic from rubber molds and their parts are interchangable and magnetic. I painted them with acrylic this time instead of spray paint and am much happier with the result. The packaging (which was a fun new experience) is a plexiglass tube with a styrofoam top and bottom.

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Justin Wolfson said...

Wow, I would totally buy a set of interchangeable critters in a minute! Great idea.

And yes, I did check out Josh's panda piece, 'twas very cute! I'll have to add you and Josh to my blogger links list at some point.