Object Lesson

Just a little to show, from way back in the fall.

This is an articulated (gasp!) anteater, made from Super Sculpey. The limbs are attached with metal fabric snaps, which allows them to rotate on an axis. It's an interesting application and was sort of a stepping stone to these guys:

These are toys with interchangeable magnetic limbs. I like the shape and funtionality of these guys, but the paint gets me down. Luckily my final project for licensing (lasting for the next six weeks) will be expanding on this line with (at least?) four more animals. Look! Sketches!

I'll be redoing the kangaroo, anteater, polar bear (although he may become a panda), and giraffe. Opinions on the other creatures would be super appreciated. (The class had votes for the kiwi, the turtle, the iguana, and the hare, for the record.)


Ali Blackwell said...

SQUEEEEE!!! These are so cute!!

Joan said...

I love them all! How about a PENGUIN? They mate for life, you know. Or at least, for the season. Wonderful stuff on eloisedraws, btw. Loved talking to you pre-Seder! Yer pal, Joan