Think About Birds

I've been working on my final for Colorworks all day. These are the first two pieces from a three-part series. I had some compositional issues with the third piece (the material from that adventure will be posted as soon as I have a scanner) so I've been painting the other two. In fact, the first round of acrylic glazes on that second piece is drying on my desk right now. I'm going to come back to it tomorrow; at the moment, all I see is purple.

I really have been working all day, except to eat Pop Tarts and watch Rescuers: Down Under with my future roommate and her current roommate. I spent the entire movie ripping out four rows from the shoulders of my sweater, but I've finally started knitting again. I (hopefully) have all the yarn I'll need to finish this eternal sweater, just in time for summer.

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